5 Ways to Tell IF A House Is Haunted


Since the beginning of my career in real estate there are just a few questions I get asked repeatedly. Most of them pretty basic, but the one I love the most is “Is this house haunted?”. 

Specializing in historic homes and also living in a 3200 SQFT 1918 Victorian on the red brick streets of Guthrie this is something I hear more often than you would think.

In Oklahoma a seller must disclose “material facts”, such as structural concerns, the age of the roof and shingles, leaks in the and walls, existing mold and mildew, and total square footage. Other “material facts” can also include other items that affect the house’s value such as the amount of property taxes, details about individuals who claim to have an interest in the house, or overlaps on adjacent properties. It isn’t considered “material fact” to include personal information about the seller or the seller’s motivations for moving. If a potential buyer has any phycological impact on the property such as a heinous crime committed in the home or a passing the buyer must request that information in writing. 

However, that isn’t always, as you can imagine a fail safe. On homes that have passed many sellers and are separated by decades something may just…slipped through the cracks. 

So here is 5 Ways to Tell IF A House Is Haunted 

1. Has it been on TV?

As funny as it seems this actually happened! A woman bought a home from a bank, foreclosure, so there was no information disclosed. She was new to the small town and couldn’t believe she had landed herself such a steal with NO competition.  The agent, only living in the area for a few years had no background information on the home either.

A few months passed and the home buyer’s son reportedly started seeing dark figures and the entire family had a feeling of heaviness. “It was as if someone was always watching us in the bathroom.” Several years later she googled her house to see that home had actually been featured on a program regarding the occult. It aired in the early 90’s and featured a story of homeowners from the 60’s that lead a cult from the home. In fact, they had ties to very violent crimes. Several decades had passed and most had all but forgotten the dark past shrouding the home. SO first step. Google it! See what comes up. 

2. What does the neighbor say? 

Well all have heard of that nosey neighbor, sometimes, they can be a REAL pain but often they also can give you the inside scoop on the “Haunting Status” BEFORE you purchase it. Just be sure pull up a chair and bring snacks. You could be in for a ear full. Another way to connect with the neighbors in a small town or neighborhood is to find them on Facebook. MOST neighborhoods or communities have group pages. Don’t be shy to ask about the ghostly status. 

3. Pets Sense

Often times spirit enthusiasts will recruit the help of their four legged friends to pick up on hauntings that a person may just miss. According to an article on the animal plant website called “Can dogs sense the supernatural” based on a 2009 book called tails of the Afterlife, dogs may attribute this to their heightened senses of hearing and smell. 

So if you want to know what’s looming behind that basement door, you may just enlist Fido in the hunt.


4. Hire a PRO

Most of us have seen the plethora of ghost hunting shows where a few middle aged enthusiasts (myself included) go looming around a dark building repeatedly asking some poor soul to knock on something. WELL, those places DO actually exist and if you feel like your house may be haunted you may be just the perfect candidate for their next season. 

A WORD OF CAUTION if you do put that out in the universe for the mobilized world to see it COULD create a stigma over a non material fact. Ask a REALTOR what that could do to your property value. Whittington University did a study regarding homes that have negative stigma associated to them. Typically they sell for 50% longer than other marketable homes AND sell for about 11% less.

There are very professional groups usually designated by state that can be hired to conduct and investigation for you. Just be sure they are insured and you’re ready to know one way…or another. 

5. Debunk

I know it sounds crazy but most of the time you’ll find that hauntings are incredibly RARE and most often it is our own imaginations from past stories, movies, or a very over active imagination that can produce feelings of being watched or items moving throughout the home. 

More often than not if you turn your mind to the IDEA that it is in your head and just set out to debunk. Usually the simplest explanation is the right one. Check drafts, plumbing, electrical magnetic fields, lights from the street, etc. See if you can recreate the experiences you are having. If you try and try to recreate your experiences then your house MAY just be haunted. 


So there you have it. 5 Ways to Tell IF A House Is Haunted. If you enjoyed this read and would like some more blog posts, please send me your support by liking my page.

AS Always, I am here for all your real estate needs in this REALM and the next. 

Thank you!

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